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Skywalk West

Address / Destination

Skywalk West is our first and most anticipated premium mixed-use project created to bring the finest things in life to our residents. From state-of-the-art offices, to fine dining and an unmatched shopping experience Skywalk will be a destination like no other. Designed using the four essential elements of life; air, water, fire and earth to create an unrivaled experience.

A location unlike any other, Skywalk West is the first address in West Cairo. Skywalk West’s strategic position provides ease of accessibility and proximity to various significant locations. Positioned at the Mehwar exit and the Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road, Skywalk West is a key location for tourists and locals alike. It is in close proximity to and in the center between the new Sphinx International Airport and the Grand Egyptian Museum as well as the Pyramids. Making Skywalk West the perfect destination for tourists to unwind, dine and shop after their sightseeing tours. It is also ideally located for those who want access to imperative areas in Cairo; El Sheikh Zayed City, Mohandesin and Downtown Cairo are all minutes away. Skywalk West’s prime location gives tourists and locals added freedom to make the most out of every minute of their day.



Spread over 280,000 sqm Skywalk West is a mixed-use project of tremendous proportions. Every square meter has been innovatively utilized to serve multiple purposes and create a harmonious living space. Skywalk West’s design has created an interconnected community made up of districts where each serves a varied purpose.

We’ve combined the essentials including, a Business District, Entertainment Park located south of the project, a luxury accommodation district located to the north of the project and dining and shopping found throughout the Entertainment Park and main streets. These districts are all brought together through three focal streets High Street, Riverwalk and Boulevard. Everything residents and frequenters’ need to live energetic, vibrant and purposeful lives is found at Skywalk West.


Luxury Hotel, Spa and Serviced Apartments

Skywalk West would not be complete without a luxury hotel where guests could relax and have a good night’s rest after sightseeing in Cairo and dining in Skywalk. The 400-key grand opulent hotel, set on 35,500 sqm, will be the largest in the area. It will bring the West Cairo end a much needed luxury retreat for locals and tourists alike.

Offering superior service, inventive restaurants, and beautifully decorated luxe rooms ensuring every guest is well rested and taken care of in every way possible. It will boast a world-class spa and wellness center providing a holistic experience where guests are pampered. The luxury hotel will also offer upscale serviced apartments giving guests a home away from home with a lavish flair. It will also host the largest convention center in the area to hold significant business functions as well as extravagant social events. A hotel grand in every way possible to bring guests endless possibilities.


Skywalk West’s Entertainment Park will have an Cairo – AlexandriaDesert Roadundeniable warm energy that is unmatched! We’ve put an emphasis on creating inimitable moments for our clientele. The Entertainment Park boasts the finest in fine dining, elegant rooftop sky lounges as well as upscale casual dining and cafes. For those who crave exclusivity and glamour, the Entertainment Park constructed a rooftop pool accessed only through membership and will host the city’s most exclusive parties. The heart of the Entertainment Park is the Plaza, created to host fantastic performances, family activities as well as live concerts, fashion shows and grand events.

Uniquely designed its focal point is the Plaza fountain, which will creativelyproject the Skywalk name making it visible from the Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road. Beautifully illuminated, diners will enjoy the Plaza fountain’smesmerizing display. It also includes a water feature with floating seating forvarious dining and café brands. Another iconic design element is the Canopy, which will be clearly visible through its interactive LED beams and lights. All design elements were created to be aesthetically appealing while shaping acomfortable and delightful environment for our visitors. Whether you visit day or night the Entertainment Park experience is unparalleled.
On Visual: Unwind with an open starry sky shinning on you


The Skywalk West Business Park offers smart workspaces that provide state-of-the-art facilities to help businesses focus on growth while we take care of the rest. The Business Park will be home to businesses of various fields and medical clinics of different specialties.

Business owners and employees will find all the services and facilities they need to stay productive and motivated. The Business Park buildings are equipped with a smart building system that creates a productive environment for employees. It provides smart features like access, parking system, traffic management and integrated security system. Additionally, we’ve installed smart electricity and power management systems that are environmentally friendly and work to save energy.

Modern sleek designed offices in prime locations and equipped with the latest in technology. Starting from 83 sqm, you’ll surely find the perfect space for your business and innovative ideas.

Construction Updates

Sky development team is working round the clock to ensure construction is moving quickly and all aspects are going according to plan. Great progress has been made at the project site. The building’s foundations have been established and are now visible from the main road. Our construction team is constantly working hard and diligently to create this iconic landmark.